YOVA FOR students

The YOVA Network will be launching its new marketplace platform in Ghana very soon! Let us show you why it is perfect for students!



The YOVA Network will enable students across Ghana to earn additional income by connecting you with businesses, professionals and general customers who may need you for a variety of tasks or services. Turn your side hobby or your free time into spare cash!

The YOVA Network will make it easier for you to shop for the things you want, monetise your skills, gain more work experience and earn extra income.

PERSONAL website

You'll gain a website that you can use to promote yourself and your skills. The more friends you invite, the higher your rating goes!
Also our platform is built for the web so you don’t even need to worry about freeing up space on your phone to install an app! It's available on every device!


Your own personalised digital contact card, that allows you to promote your work and links directly to your personal page. This is also a great way to share your contact details with prospective employees or clients.

Online Payments

All transactions on the platform are secure and you can use mobile money, debit and credit cards as payment. No more "DM me for price!" You see something nice, now you can buy it right away!

Full Marketplace Experience

Our complete marketplace platform will allow you to search across Ghana for people, services and products. Our two-way rating system and our buyer payment protection feature also means that you won’t need to worry about whether you can trust a seller with your money. 


There is no cost to join us. Sign up in less than 30 seconds!

We're even giving everyone 3 months free trial membership on the platform to be able to not only BUY, but also to SELL both products and services.

So why not take advantage of this offer by signing up TODAY!

basic plan

For individuals who do not want to sell anything


  • Personalised digital contact card 
  • Buy & book both products and services 
  • Make secure online payments
  • Auto generated URL and username
  • Payment protection 
  • Like and follow friends, businesses, products and services
  • Review sellers and purchases 
  • Build up your rating by receiving testimonials from friends and family


For individuals who wish to buy AND sell 


  • Personalised digital contact card
  • Sell products and services 
  • Receive secure online payments
  • Auto generated URL and username
  • Payment protection 

  • *after the free-trial your account will be downgraded to the Basic Plan.
  • If you wish to continue selling on the platform  we have a package priced specifically for students. (Don't worry, it will be affordable!)

advantages for students

There is no cost to join us. Sign up in less than 30 seconds! 


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